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Your business card wants to be modern!
Do you ever come back from a business conference with a stack of business cards almost impossible to manage? Do you dream of a simple, modern tool to solve this problem?
Well it happens!
All companies , which want to make sure, that they will be noticed by potential customers!
The corporations , as this ensures order in the internal relations between departments, divisions, employees
Call Center – customer service as well as sales department will be well remembered by the customers, through the widgets in the footer of their emails
Customer service departments and sales will be provided with even better customer communication
Web developers – customers will appreciate the opportunity to use a new and attractive communication tool
Companies involved in Internet marketing will stand out from the competition
Hosting Providers will enrich their offer with new, innovative solution
Telecommunication Operators – let the client know how to contact his agent from the beginning of co-operation
Free version - the free version for all
PRO version – it is the paid version 45$/year – 30 days demo version
Ability to create one, shared template of business card for all employees,– to build a consistent image of the company

Upload privete template

Ability to add, edit, delete cards of the employees as an admin, – you get full control of what is happening in your business
As people who hold dozens of meetings and exchanging the hundreds of business cards every day, we decided to create Moderncard, the application which enables the sharing of digital business cards with smartphones, tablets and computers. Forget about the mess in business contacts with Moderncard!


1. How to create an account

2. How to create a businness card

3. How to send cards

4. How the PRO version works


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